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  1. My preferred name is Enezrel but Janus is Fine as well.
    I have bad typing Habits, such as Adding random Capitals...
    I'm Male, 16, and am straight.
    My favorite genre of Rp is anime/x-men style powers, I also love Demigod roleplays, i do ok in the fantasy kind.
    I usually play cold but loveable Tsundere Angel demon hybrids, usualy with emo haircuts, but i have been known to play happy Idiots,
    I recently wrote a spoof on twighlight so i have to say Edwin Carrot is a way better sparkly vampire than Edward Cullen, but over all i chose Wolf packs,
    thank you for your time an patience....
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, pleasure to meet ya!
    Hope to see you around, and maybe roleplay someday. -She shrugged putting her bunny mask on and leaping away.-
  3. Thank you!
  4. You're welcome~! :3