Hello! :)

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  1. Hello, all! I am super excited to start posting here :) I have been looking around for a while and this looked like the perfect place for me to get back into the swing of things. :> About me, I have always loved role playing. It's the best way to escape from the real world for a while. Sadly, my RP partner is more or less out of me life now :( So after a long time, I've finally decided it's time to seek out new friendship and RP partners :) I solely enjoy OC RPs, sometimes within a fandom but most times not ^^ I really look forward to meeting new people and hopefully making some new friends!
  2. Sounds like you have some RP experience. Iwaku has plenty of fun and interesting people. Plenty of Rp's are open to play in. Sure hope you find one soon.
  3. Hello and welcome to Iwaku. I hope you find what you're looking for, with many RPs to satiate your appetite! I hope to see a lot of creative works from you.
  4. Welcome and hope you like the site! See you around!
  5. Thanks so much for the welcome! :)