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  1. I’m new here... and open to RPs! Used to be on Figment as Tiger Cat, but then I realized that it was getting shut down so I moved here, so I might know a few of you.
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  2. Hello and welcome. I don't think we've met, under either of your handles, but that's alright. (: We're glad to have you here! What sort of roleplays do you enjoy?
  3. :confetti: Hi there Tiger, Welcome to Iwaku, it's great to have you here with us! :confetti:
  4. Hey there, Tiger, and welcome to Iwaku! There have been several other people from Figment floating in over the past few days, so you'll probably run into some of them before long. We have a handy guide for new folks if you're interested ^.^
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  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Tiger. We've got some others from Figment, so here's hoping you know a few of them!

    Here, take this cookie as my welcoming gift.
  6. Welcome aboard, Tiger :) Sorry about Figment shutting down, but glad you found us! Happy roleplaying!
  7. Welcome to iwaku! There have a been a few others from Figment recently, so I have every confidence that you will find at least a few familiar names here. However, the rest of us are pretty darn nice too....chuckles. ANYWAY, get settled in and if you have any questions, please ask. We are here to help!
  8. Thanks guys, I feel so welcome!! I’m still trying to navigate all this, but if anyone is willing then I’m open to RPs.
  9. I started 6 days ago maybe we can be friends?
  10. Sure!! Totally open for making some friends! The more people you know, the better, right?
  11. I'll send You a Conversation
  12. Welcome to the site!
    Iwaku can seem a little big and daunting at first but I think that it's easy to get a hang out (but if you need any help, feel free to ask!).
    The layout is about as sensible as we could get with as many sections as we have!

    You've got "announcements/events" followed by "Site Orientation (with welcomes and help desk)" then on to the headliner items "Roleplay Out of Character Sections" and then "Roleplay In Character Sections".
    The Roleplay Realms are each one roleplay that won a contest here to get their own subforum.
    After that, you've got your relaxing areas where members can go to talk out of character, trade art, etc.
    Some places to practice writing with prompts and read guides about writing.
    And finally, the archives where old roleplays and threads go to die!

    I hope that that helps a bit in thinking about where to find something, on the main page at least!
  13. Ok! Thank you for the insight, I’ll scope these things out and see what options are here!
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  14. Hey Tiger! It’s TheatreLou6 from figment! I’m still kind of figuring out how to navigate this site, but I’m on here so it’s a start!
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