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    Looking for people to write stories with
  1. HIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guess who o.o
  2. Welcome to Iwaku. I'm October leche, formerly known as October Knight and basically always online...except when I'm at work, so actually I am not online as much as I would like to be > < ANYWAY enough about me.

    Hope you enjoy yourself here and find many people to write with.
  3. I'm essited. Y'all Noahofdoom is my man <3 (So if y'all mess wiff him I WILL CUTCHOO!!! >8[ )
  4. Welcome! :D hope you find good friends and good RPs! Any questions? Feel free to ask :)
  5. Uh, actually he's having issues logging back in now that he's made the account. He's validated the email and everything but he can't log back in, it just takes him back to the "welcome guest" page...
  6. I just tested and was able to create a new account, verify it, and log in. Make sure cookies are allowed and try clearing cache, etc. If instructions are needed on how to do this let me know what browser. (Shift+F5 is a first check but it doesn't always work)
  7. Ok, I'll let him know, thank you :D