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  1. Hello little world. I am a sweet little devil with only 21 years lived here and for many more years to come. Nothing much can be told about me nor to be shared with you.
    I am a simple one, maybe sometimes a little too common among other people. Hoping that maybe I may not be so common.
    I am happy to write, alone or with others, writing is a form of releasing some steam :)
    Questions ?​
  2. Welcome to Iwaku. I think I have one, what do you like to write? Favorite genres I mean.
  3. Recently I started to lose interest in overly romanced themed roleplay, you know, where love is the ultimate power in saving the world etc. or where good always rules. I am more interested in realistic roleplays, but as long the plot is a good one I can pretty much write anything. For the moment I am still young so I don't have a specific genre that I like.
  4. I understand. I hope you enjoy it around here.