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  1. I think its pretty safe to announce that I am new.
    So yeah... I'm new.
  2. We've had lots of new people! You're one of them!

    Welcome, welcome to Iwaku, Malakyee.
    Hope you find a lot of awesome RPs and partners, if you need any help look for a staff member.

    See you around!
  3. Welcome! From another newbie to another, I hope you enjoy it here. So far as what I have experienced, this site holds many a surprises and it is quite enjoyable. If you need any pointers to roleplaying (if you are new to it) hit me up on one of my posts, as I do not have messaging yet. I'll be more then willing to help.
  4. Thanks to the both of you.
  5. And Nighteh, that sounds great. If you ever want to start a good roleplay, let me know. Its been ages since I have had a decent one. :)
  6. I do have a roleplay rolling now, just nobody has joined it yet. I can send the link if you are interested.
  7. Welcome to the community, Mala.

    Its nice to have you here and greet to see a new face.

    Also, for future reference, you can link each other via VM or PM. Its a much better way to communicate back and forth! ^^
  8. Hey Malakyee,

    Its always good to see a new member to the site that takes to RPing so quickly. I'm sure you'll do great things here. >=)

    If you have any questions though please see out
    FAQ and if that doesn't answer them then you can post comments, questions, and feedback in the Community Hub. We also have lots of staff members you can pester and its their jobs to be nice to you!

    Show me what you can so the write magic!
  9. Thank you Vay. I am going to try to work my thang. :)