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  1. Hi everyone! : D
    I'm new to this site! Hope we can do awesome roleplays!, chat, and make some good friends.. ('w')
    M very active online sometimes, right now. I'm kind of sick, so the reply's miighht be slow. Have a great day/night/afternoon,evening everyone : 3
  2. Welcome to Iwaku c:
  3. Howdy, Free! Welcome to Iwaku. =D

    Are you finding everything alright? Need any help?
  4. Be wary, you might have fun here, if you are not careful

  5. I'll take that into account, thanks dude :worms:
  6. I'm good, M just reading the rules and stuff 'w' and thank you ^w^
  7. Tanks :awesome:
  8. Nice, nice! <3 I'm glad you're making your way around alright.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.