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  1. HIYA my name is TheRoleplayGuy and you'll never guess what I LOVE ROLEPLAY ALOT!!!!!!!
    you can call me tobster because thats my name well not literally my real name is toby but i like people calling me that i like waffles and dragons and ROLEPLAY there my most favourite things in dah world it's great fun to do roleplay and im really good at it(in my opinion).

    the types of roleplay i like the most are Romantic and.....DRAMATIC!

    it's great fun to do roleplay with other people especially when they like it just as much as you!

    Just thought i'de get my name out there so thanks for reading this if you did!!

    Ill see you around on the website!
  2. Do you love roleplaying? :o If you hadn't told me I would have never known :D
    Welcome to iwaku ^^
  3. WHOA! You really love RPing O.o And you like waffles and dragons...I like turtles ^^

    It's nice to have you with us, Tobster! I'm Juku, local pirate.

    Since you love RPing, I think you'd be a nice addition to the

    Have fun! Ask if you got questions!
  4. Hey Guy!
    Welcome to Iwaku!

    Have a cookie!

    I'm Selenite, pleased to meet you. I like your avatar, it's pretty awesome! I also love drama and I have to admit it- I'm fond of romance roleplays too! I hope you have a great time here, Mr, and hopefully see you around in some rp!