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  1. Just call me Caracal, because I'm basically a big cat. I've heard people talk about iwaku and when I noticed that registration was closing, I decided to get an account in and check it out.

    I'm an experienced roleplayer, decent writer, mellow person, an adult of legal drinking age, and an asexual shipper. Tried smut, didn't like it, made me uncomfortable. Totally down for fluffy romance and fade to blacks though.

    Also giant robots and space ships and demons and magical girls and adventures in general.

    Love me?
  2. Hi Caracal, welcome to Iwaku!! I am F0X and we are so happy to have you here on the site!!

    There are lots of places to roleplay, and checking the roleplay search section is a great place to look around for roleplays, as well as advertise your own desires!

    There are also lots of chatrooms used for both hanging out and chatting, as well as roleplaying!!

    If you're ever in any need of help at any time, never hesitate to ask!! I'm always here to help, as well as many other of the CV's and Staff members here on Iwaku!

    Happy writing!~

  3. Greetings welcome to the site if you look for any Rps you can ask me and I can send you a few links to some that are doing well and are quite fun.
  4. Hahaha, thank you! I'm having a hard time navigating this place, is there an Iwaku 101 thread or something? What's a group? Are those roleplays? Are all roleplays groups? @__@ I don't even know
  5. Im not sure about the iwaku 101 thread and not all groups are roleplays some are just little groups that can chat or RP and Rps can be groups or one on ones the one on ones can be done in threads or over Private messaging.
  6. Welcome
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  7. The Willow tree of Iwaku will give you all the love and role-play you desire!
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Thread Status:
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