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  1. Good evening.
  2. Valencyr shuffles his feet uncomfortably and peers into the darkness that surrounds him.


    His yell fades into the darkness and he scratches his head.

    "Hmmm," he ponders while pulling the hair on his chin, his head cocked to one side quizzically.
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  3. Walks out of the darkness.

    Seems you were waiting for a answer. Then come with me to the darkside.

    Greetings welcome to the site if you look for any Rps you can ask me and I can send you a few links to some that are doing well and are quite fun.
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  4. Thank you.

    Perhaps more background is required?

    I'm currently a Simulation and Game Design student with a Bachelor's in Public Relations.

    I'll do a quick best of series:

    Anime: Psycho-Pass, Berserk
    Authors: Phillip K Dick, George RR Martin
    Games: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
    Movies: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
    TV: Farscape
    Recording Artist: Mastodon

    I have this thread to help find RPs:

    Seeking Mature, well thought out RP | IwakuRoleplay.com
  5. The animes, authors, and games there isn't many RPs on here like that or lord of the rings there is a star wars Rp getting started which takes place during the time the new movie was released and the tv show and artist are a little low as well.

    There are also some Rps with heros and villians as well.
  6. Welcome to Iwaku! This is the friendly Iwaku Willow tree to wish you well!
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