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  1. Hola amigos! I'm new here...but you probably knew that.... oh well! I'm lovin' the site so far
  2. Anya started moaning pleasurably.
  3. Glad you took me up on the offer, sweetheart! I'm glad you joined! Welcome to the site and contact me if you need any help, check the pm I sent you if you need my Skype or MSN address!
  4. Anya shudder with his touch.
  5. Awwww, that's a pity.
  6. It's okay! We're always here and you can contact us on our profiles or through PMs!

    Welcome to Iwaku~
    Let me know what you're interested in and I can point you in the direction.
    What kinds of roleplays would you like to join?
    Do you like to make your own roleplays?
    How about art ? Or writing ?

    Tell us a little bit about yourself ~

    And if there's anything you need or have any questions, let Trance Kitsune, me or another staff member know.

    Enjoy :)
  7. Welcome to the party, please mind the rotary winged aircraft, naked psychotics and exploded things.
  8. *A pair of A-10C Warthogs buzz Tain. They circle back then pop flares before egressing.*
  9. "Mother is an S grade.. though after Alex, she's the least favorable one. Anya is an A- last I check. I do lack vampiric traits."
  10. *The Warthogs return and ventilate Grumpy with their Avenger cannons. As before they pop flares and egress.*
  11. *Peeks in*
  12. @Lillian Gray
    I'm kind of tempted to make another character. You did say in the discord that you and Petricus were trying to keep the amount of players down now, would it still be ok if I had my character kind of join the group while they are out on their mission or something? If not, that's fine. I'll just make the sheet and archive it for another rp in that case.
  13. "I love you too."
  14. I Said Bad Omnic. *Invislocates awayyyyy*