Hello ^^



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Hola amigos! I'm new here...but you probably knew that.... oh well! I'm lovin' the site so far
Welcome to the site.
Glad you took me up on the offer, sweetheart! I'm glad you joined! Welcome to the site and contact me if you need any help, check the pm I sent you if you need my Skype or MSN address!
will do, but i dont have Skype or MSN, so...
Awwww, that's a pity.
It's okay! We're always here and you can contact us on our profiles or through PMs!

Welcome to Iwaku~
Let me know what you're interested in and I can point you in the direction.
What kinds of roleplays would you like to join?
Do you like to make your own roleplays?
How about art ? Or writing ?

Tell us a little bit about yourself ~

And if there's anything you need or have any questions, let Trance Kitsune, me or another staff member know.

Enjoy :)
Welcome to the party, please mind the rotary winged aircraft, naked psychotics and exploded things.
*A pair of A-10C Warthogs buzz Tain. They circle back then pop flares before egressing.*
*Pops head in through door*

Did I hear...

*Steps in, completely in the buff*

*The Warthogs return and ventilate Grumpy with their Avenger cannons. As before they pop flares and egress.*
*bursts through door, looking frazzled* GRUMPEH! Your pants *waves them around* I found them in the-OH GOD!

And hello Serreth. Glad you're enjoying the forum.
Welcome to the site. Remember that Charon doesn't have any teeth. You can pay him in chocolate coins, and he'd be none the wiser.
*sniffle* i feel so welcomed x) Thanks everyone

@Sakura: I do love to draw and i write an tini bit. I like fantasy roleplays, but don't usually make any of my own
Welcome Serreth! When the time comes and you are able to access the Cbox be wary of the hilarity and craziness that will ensue! :D