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  1. [Its 2:47 am and I'm having a sims withdraw/sleepy so, sorry if there's any typos here. I really didn't re-read it xD]

    Well o__o I'm just gonna say... Hellers everyone who reads this :D I'm so eager to finally start rping here! It was seriously a blessing to find an active website with as much people as they are register here. I hope all of ya'll are doing well and i really hope I could make good and genuine friends in here. ^___^

    Uh, well, i guess i'ma sayyyyy 6 basic things you should know about me [o___o]

    Numero 1= I'm a christian. I know it comes out strong for most people but my faith in God is absolutely essential in my life. But unlike most Christians, my view in God and the world is very open and realistic. And judging is the worse thing a human being can do to each other and others so i don't do it; without realizing it of course.

    Numero 2= I like to Rp with EVERYONE. No matter how small, much or different you RP. Its always good to teach and learn from others :D Makes you smarter... Like vegetables! :3

    Numero 3: I'm puertorican. And proud of it! Yup, sexily rolling those R's since i could talk ;D So my characters tend to speak spanish or Italian cus its the closest language to spanish xD

    Numero 4: I love vampires. O,...,O. Mhm i do and have 'logical' explanations of why my breed of vampires can have children and what not xD

    Numero 5: I was a female the last time i checked, which was this morning. xD I'm a girl and i consider myself as bisexual but right now, more inclined to girls than anything. Long story, too dramatic xD NEXT!

    Numero 6: Romance and Drama. They are my favorite genres to RP but i also like horror and i can pretty much try anything else. My characters tend to be a bit emotional and over dramatic sometimes, you could even say a little emotionally unbalanced.

    Numero 7: MY FAVORITE SONG RIGHT NOW ISSSSSSS!!!! Open from Rhye T____T

    I'm a fool for that shake in your thighs.
    I'm a fool for that sound in your sighs.
    I'm a foold for your belly.
    I'm a fool for your love....

    I wanna make this play, Oh i know your faded.
    Mmmm, lets stay, don't close your eyes.
    I wanna make this play, Oh i know your faded.
    Mmmm, lets stay, don't close your eyes.

    Caught in this pool held in your arms.
    Caught like a fool without a line.
    We're in a natural spring,
    With this gentle sting between us.

    I wanna make thi--- [and so on]


    Well i hope ya'll have a good night/day/whatevuh xD I'ma go play some Sims. Hit me up! :D
  2. Hey hey, welcome to Iwaku!

    My name is Tetsuri and its nice to meet you.

    That song is very beautiful and has such a soothing beat!

    Its great to have you here and I hope that you enjoy your stay.

    If you need any help, please let us know!

  3. Evening Annette.

    this is a great site. Hopefully you will enjoy yourself.

    great song :)
  4. Hey! You sent me a friend request! Or I did...
    ANYWAYS! Nice to meet you again and hope you find what you're looking for with Iwaku! ^^
    If you haven't guessed by now this site is pretty awesome to begin with. =P
    But again! Hit me up and we can talk and start some RPs together. ;D