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Death The Kid

Original poster
Hey, you can call me Death The Kid. I'm new here!
Hello Kid.

I'm guessing you like Soul Eater?

If you need any help at all, send me a message!
hello and welcome to the iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help

*walks off into the shadows*
Interesting Name you got there, Deathy. >:D
*watches Ike hit the glass door she put up in the shadows*

Hallo there, welcome to Iwaku! ^-^ Here's your standard issue newbie protection kit, designed to help protect you from ISAF attacks, Murr Zombies, and the standard issue Asmodeus Ego Trips. Have a nice day!
Psy, you put one too many 'r's in Mur
No I didn't. o.o That was intentional. "Mur" just like that never looks right to me.


*slaps TC with a wet trout*
Deja-vu :33 I've seen your name before :P

:D Welcome to Iwaku :) Lemme know if you need anything ;]
Welcome to Iwaku mate...I hope you enjoy your stay here.
*A Viper gunship enters the airspace and carves Jack up with its laser cannons.*

HOOWEE!!! Look at 'im smoke!
don't mind ryker...he likes to kill stuff.
:D *Swaggers into thread, six iron's wiggling*


So... You're the Kid.

OI! BOYS! We oughta give 'is one a propa' welcoming. *Six young men bearing copious amounts of firearm enter, carrying large bags. Each man drops the bag and hands Death several pink, green, and yellow bags, each containing presents.*

*Grabs shaving cream, graffiti and catnip, before cackling willdly as ducks into Ike's shadow, bearing a massive hardhat with a magical flashlight*