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  1. Mhmhmhmm.
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  2. Yup.
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  3. Unngh
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  4. Fuckin qualdo convo m80s
    Top notch banter
    Cheekier than the time my mate Gary mooned some pure raj wee fuck through the window of nandos, awh what a fuckin legendary day that was
    So lads what now
  5. Iunno. :/
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  6. wat
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  7. I was just 'mirin' the top quality banter in this thread. It's pure fuckin' mental like, nah'msayin'?
  8. You should tell us more about Gary's day at Nando's. Might spur some of that top notch banter we all crave. :D
  9. I thought shitposting belonged in the asylum thread. :cheeky:
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  10. Silly Jorick, all of General Chat is a shit post.
    I prophesied it when I first arrived in and blessed this holy land.
  11. It's only that way because you fight so hard to make it so.
  12. Fight implies the possibility of failure. :3
  13. That's just your delusion talking, nutsack face.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.