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  1. What do you prefer to be called?-- Sparkle

    Boy, girl, or a mystery?-- Girl

    How old are you?-- 17

    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying?-- very new to the site, been roleplaying since I was 14

    Do you like group Roleplays or just a single partner?-- single preferred, but groups are cool

    Sunshine and beaches or shade and air-conditioning?-- shade and AC, of course.

    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind?-- nothing at the moment.

    So yes, hello! I'm Sparkle. I'm not very good at choose things such as a specific genre for a roleplay...I'm kind of one of those people who just 'wait and see'. Decisions are difficult to make, anyway.

    Nice to meet you all.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.