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  1. Hi, new to this site but fairly active role player looking to expand beyond just my few friends that do it with me. I don't particularly have a preference on name, as long as it's noticeable to me. As far as my likes; romance, fantasy(high or low), medieval, adventure, slice of life and occult are my favorite topics for role play, although really I just love the experience of getting into the skin of a new person. I can write in-depth paragraphs, but I personally prefer to use quality over quantity, and prefer to find a way to say something in 2 sentences that may otherwise be said in a paragraph, but I also enjoy being descriptive and use actions in my role plays more than words. That being said I'm extremely open to both advice for improvement and new topics to explore. I tend to switch between genders for characters and I'm fairly available for activity despite working frequently. I'm more accustomed to role plays over pm, but am hoping to learn and enjoy proper usage of a forum role play.

    Now for the extraneous content, about myself. I tend to find that I contradict myself in the majority of cases and tend to really get into fandoms once I find an interest in them. I'm a rather large gamer and a decently large anime-watcher. I'm more of a listener than a talker, and can be very introverted at times and I know that I have the potential to lock myself away from things on occasion.

    Thanks for reading, enjoy your day.
  2. Welcome! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here :)
  3. Hello, Meister!

    ... Now I'm thinking about Game of Thrones..

    Ahem. Anyway.

    Welcome to Iwaku!

    It's awesome that you're looking to learn and are open to trying new things! That being said, I think the best thing for you to do first would be to head over to our Content section where we have our Institute! There's a whole bunch of awesomeness in there for you to help build up your skill set! On another note, the genres that you listed as your preferred ones are definitely active here on the site, which is great! You'll fit right in :D

    We have several people on the site who prefer to use PMs for roleplaying as well, instead of threads. I personally lose track of my PMs and can't do it that way, but that's just me. We also have a lot of people who will squee appropriately over fandom roleplays, so you may find that is something you can build off as well! And don't worry about the quality/quantity issues: We have writers of all kinds, at all levels and lengths. That's what makes us awesome.

    One of us.. one of us..

    Don't hesitate to ask questions! Enjoy!
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