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  1. Hi, everyone!

    I just joined here today and I'm glad to find a really active forum that's not the hell that is Neo.
    My name is Caroline. I'm in college and I've been writing for as long as I can remember and role-playing for...dear god, 10 years. So old!
    I'm studying film and Western European culture in school, but writing has always been a passion of mine. I mostly do one on ones, but if I find a good group of people, I'll join a group role-play. I love elaborate plots and grand adventure.

    I'm currently looking for new partners, so, please hit me up! I hope to get to know a lot of you!
  2. Why hello there, Caroline! Welcome to Iwaku!

    10 years of RP. Sweet jeebus thats awesome!

    We have plenty of OneXOnes and groups!

    If you're looking for partners , advertise yourself and find partners..

    Enjoy your time here! And please don't be afraid to ask anyone if you need anything.

    No ,seriously..Don't be afraid.
  3. :D Juku is out of his pirate-phase! :') I'm so proud!

    Anyways, I'm Mitten, Iwaku's friendly kitten~ I'm super excited to see you here and I think it's so cool you're studying film and Western European cultures! ^^ I'm hoping to get a psychology degree myself ^^

    There are a lot of oneXones like my friend Juku has mentioned and there are plenty of friendly people here in Iwaku. If you have any questions at all please feel free to PM me or anyone else ^^ Staff are members with Blue names and the Admins are members with Red names, they will be glad to help as well ^^

    If you ever want to chill out or meet new people, the Chatbox is a great way of doing that, I'm usually there a lot as well ^^ I hope to see you posting and exploring your inner Roleplayer soon!
  4. Hi. Hehe. I just saw this. Sorry for my rambling. Can't wait to see where our RP goes.
  5. Hi and welcvome!!

    Read that you are new so I dropped by to say hi, and wow 10 years roleplaying must be a good writer then ;) Hope you enjoy your time here and make new friends and such..if you need help with anything don't hesitate to ask..
    C ya around
  6. Nice to meet you all! I feel so old with my 10 years...like some kind of creepy pedobear. I'm only 20! Surely that's not so old? I do remember thinking college students role-playing was freaking weird when I was younger...

    I've already advertised for a one on one and I posted an intro! I noticed my intro seems really ridiculous long in comparison to some others I've seen >.<. What's sort of the average experience level/post length here or does it just vary?
  7. Hail Wodensday/Caroline! Welcome to Iwaku!

    As for the average experience level, with the site growing as quick as it is, I'm not really sure. I've been roleplaying online for fourteen years. Post length varies even more, it really depends on the people who you are playing with. Like with most communities you'll get the one-line wonders and then with other people you'll get a massive wall of text. It really depends on the person and the style of game.

    Also, I love your name. :D

    I hope you have fun at Iwaku, I look forward to seeing you around and about.
  8. Welcome to Iwaku :D I'm sure you'll love it here! If you need anything just ask!
  9. Thanks!
    Is it hard to get to know people here and start role-plays as a newcomer? I know a lot of sites are super cliquish, but you guys have a lot of users so I hope not!
  10. Not really, just go to Chatbox and there are usually a lot of friendly people on there~ ^^ and i'm sure as you get more and more threads going you'll become friends with your partners as well!
  11. Hello and welcome to the community!

    My name is Tetsuri and its nice to have you here!

    I hope you find that link Juku gave you useful.

    Enjoy your stay in the communty and no worries, Juku won't eat you..... =^____^=
  12. I think we're pretty friendly and open to newbies roleplaying but then I am too busy to do many one on ones myself to know... anyway. There is lots of RPing and lots of friendly staff to help you find playing partners, too! So no worries, and welcome to Iwaku, wodensday!