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  1. Hi, I'm Sechresse (Sekress), you can call me Sech (Sech) for short.

    I'm male, 21, and a full time computer science student.

    I'm new to the site and mostly new to role playing (I have a tiny bit of experience from another site, but its next to nothing). I'm kinda nervous to start role playing since I have no experience yet, but I'll try my best.
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  2. Hullo, Sechresse.

    I'm rather fond of your name.. very nice..

    Anyway! Being nervous when going to a new place is perfectly normal but you should relax here. There are all types and all skill levels. Everywhere from posting one line to posting ten paragraphs per post. I am certain you can find a level you are comfortable with and a partner that will suit you well since there are thousands to choose from. There are group roleplays, and one-on-ones here. Plus there are exercises and challenges if you want to take your writing up a notch. I haven't been here long but I love it already and I am certain you will too. I have no doubt a staff member or volunteer will be along shortly to direct you to places that will help too!

    Also, don't be scared of going into the chatbox to say hello. It's the fastest way to get to know people!
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  3. Hey Sech weLCoMe tO iWaKu

    don't worry about being new, this place is so welcoming to everyone no matter how great they are

    if you are also a fan of Zelda Ocarina of Time I have just the role play for you, its not started yet, but it will soon. We will be doing one on one for it unless more join, so we would gladly do a small group role play of three or more with you I think

    regardless, welcome and hope you have a great time :mycookie: here is some refreshments:watermelon::watermelon::cheesepizza::candycorn::champagne::cake::stirthepot:
  4. Welcome Sech! I hope you enjoy it here :)
  5. Welcome to the site! Hope you have a great time :D
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