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  1. Hi guys!
    Im Ayla and im 16 years old!
    Roleplay is basically my life. I love to create stories and make them come alive in my head.

    Fantasy and horror are probably my favorites! Im a dreamer and a thinker and I love to read all sorts of books. I love anime and manga and everything nerdy!
    I love to create characters and make the people that are alive in my head, alive to everybody else, too.

    I love to meet new people!!! I don't mind doing any one x one roleplays with anybody! Just start a conversation and bang!

    Thanks for reading and I cant wait to engage in a bunch of roleplays!
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  2. Welcome to the site! I'm sure you'll fit right in :3

    I'm Minibit, one of the mods here, and you can feel free to message me any time you need a hand!

    If you haven't already, I recommend going to the Announcements & News forum (it's at the top of the main index page!) and clicking 'watch forum'. This helps keep you up to speed when stuff happens across the site like new features, rule reminders, and server downtime :)
  3. Welcome to Iwaku Ayla! I am sure this will be a great home for you!
  4. Welcome to the site, Ayla! I'm a fan of horror and fantasy myself! What sort of anime are you a fan of? Anyway, welcome to the site and I hope you settle in well here :D
  5. I love all sorts! Attack on Titan, SAO, full metal, soul eater and so much more!

    Thank you for the welcome ahh!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.