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  1. Wats up. I'm courtney. And need help with a new story. So, send me some ideas. thank you
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    Welcome to Iwaku, Courtney! I'm Iliana and its nice to have you here! :D

    Need assistance it seems? Travel on to the
    One on One Requests to answer requests and make your own for rps!

    Want to just join on without signing up for bios and stuffs? Then go to the
    Jump In's! :D
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    well since Iliana and Tetsu already took what I knew all I can say is welcome to the community of Iwaku , wait and "help with a new story" as in you need help making a story? cause I could help out with that ,I'd just need to know what your main Idea's for it is though, so it doesnt end up being my story scenarios. .__.
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    HI COURTNEY! Welcome to the site! 8D
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    Welcome Courtney! You need ideas? Well you've found an awesome place to get inspiration. Join some games! Make some friends! Roleplay Roleplay Roleplay!

    I'm October : ) If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    ...well hello there...
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    WHY hello there Courtney! Welcome Iwaku, surely Iliana's response will get you all set up!
  8. Look!
    Someone new!
    Welcome to Iwaku, Courtney!

    Please have a cookie.

    See you!
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    Thank you all so much I will be starting a new thread soon why didnt all of yall hlep me out on it.