Hello.. Yus.. I'm a newbie.D:

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Original poster
Well, you can all just call me Mello.:3 I am a female.. And I'm 15. Hurray. Hehehehehe. My favorite genres in roleplay are.. Horror I believe.:D Uhm... I love to roleplay so, pm me if you want to roleplay sometime!:DD

*Falls out of the sky and DYNAMIC GLOMPS you.*

Hi hi, names Raiu. Welcome to Iwaku... I wounder if your mind has any yummy inteigence nuggets in it.

*He is stareing just a little too closely. Someone may need to use the anti-morph newspaper again.*
Wha wha wha wha?? *Stares up at you in fear*
*A clone walks by and whaps Raiu with the anti-clone news paper.* Bad Morph! Down.

-Whimper.- Sorry. Kinda random. Welcome to Iwaku. I'm Raiu and don't fear me! All I want is your brain!

Or rather...

The byproduct of your brain that is called roleplay.

Also, that pic is pure epic. Pure epic.

You will get the lingo soon.
*Bows gently* Why thank you good sir. Your pic isn't so bad either. *Smiles up at you*
And hopefully I do! Hehe.
Thanks. The pic is of the giant statue of a Gundam (look it up. It is to Japan like Star Wars is to America), that was up in Japan for a while. Very awesome.
Whoa.. It sounds pretty epic.*.*
And kinda looks like a transformer.
Kinda. It just doesn't transform. The anime it was in was a SPACE EPIC.

thats how you say it SPACE EPIC. With an echo.
Like: Space Epic.. Space epic.. Space epic.. Space epic.. Space epic.. *Echo slowly dies off..*
Your going to fit in here just fine.

Head over to roleplay talk to check out the roleplays there. Some are pretty good.

Actually, I have been trying to get a roleplay, Caliban Cove: A survival story, up and running. Its horror though its mostly A survival story with zombies and other creatures made by the Umbrella Corporation rather than a Resident Evil roleplay.

HEY HEY HEY wellcome :) to the site it looks like your haven fun allready :)
The name is well..that guy named ed :)
*With giant impact falls on ground and dirt flies all over place, In place of impact a man holding a spear nervously looking around like searching for someone* HO-HA-HO! NOW YOU WONT HIDE *looks at peoples around* from me?... *silence *. Ops i think i landed into wrong place *scrathes head and then bows* welcome to Iwaku. You can call me Shi if you like i hope you will find good time here *bows again and vanish in black cloud*
Oh and don't think im another ninja! :D
HELLO MELLO! :D Hehehe rhymes... welcome to Iwaku!
Hello and welcome to Iwaku, Mello.
I see that you've already been exposed to some of the interesting member quirks...
But they're all very friendly, honest. (It's all about carrot and stick training.)
By the by, I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you.

If you need any help with anything, please feel free to ask.
Thanks everyone!:D It was awesome to meet all of you.cc:
And Raiu.. That Roleplay sounds amazing.
*Stares at you with admiration.*
@up Kitty
If it was about me then forget about it ^^ im unlectureable :P
Vee~ A newbie. *Runs up and hugs Mello tightly* Hug~!
#Hugs you back tight* Newbie powwerr!! Heheh.:D