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  1. Nice to meet you! I usually go on rather long tangent rants about myself on these, so I will just stick with the questionnaire.

    What do you prefer to be called?
    Neri, or Cici.

    Boy, girl, or a mystery?
    Mystery. No I'm kidding, I'm a female.

    How old are you?
    21 years old.

    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying?
    I'm very new to the site, but I'm not new to roleplaying at all! I've been roleplaying since my first year in high school.

    Do you like group Roleplays or just a single partner?
    I like both, but I rather have a single partner. If the group roleplay interests me enough, I will join. I have a habit of actually making group roleplays, so I may just bring an old idea to life over here.

    On a rainy day do you like jumping in puddles, or curling up on the sofa?
    Jumping in the puddles, getting soaked and then coming in to shower so I can curl up on the sofa and sleep the day away.

    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind?

    "Yo, I never f--ked Wayne, I never f--ked Drake
    On my life, man, f--k's sake
    If I did I menage with 'em and let 'em eat my a-- like a cupcake
    My man full, he just ate, I don't duck nobody but tape
    Yeah, that was a set up for a punchline on duct tape."

    Well that was fairly easy! Quite frankly I'm an all-around nice gal if you get to know me, I suppose. So let's be friends, yeah?​
    Kisses ♡ .​
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  2. Hallo there, and an official welcome to the community! :D
  3. //bows down to queen neri

    I'm actually jamming to Only right now bahaha.
  4. Thank you!!

    Uni, baby <3! *Snugs*

    I am too, Nicki be giving me life!

    I have her new album ;~;..
  5. < 3 3 3
    Funny how circumstances brought us here orz. I was starting to feel lonely without my MCL/RPG friends. ;A;
    //Summons Aloe Vera

    I can keep listening to this song over again without getting tired of it ahhhh. RP inspiration ~

    Omfg you lucky bum. I might get her album on iTunes when II have a gift card. owo I want her perfume Minajesty though. I heard it smells nice.
  6. OTL I know, I know...but at least we are here together now <3

    We miss you ;~; and get lonely without you. I was just talking about you to Aurvea the other day XD

    Right?? This song and like 7/11 and Flawless has me wanting to do this urban life kind of rp based on Love & Hip Hop OTL where people are aspiring models, singers, producers, etc and you act out their day to day, drama filled life and if they crumble as fame gets closer and omgosh, I love how inspired I get by her music XD

    OTL I would share if I could...and Minajesty does smell good! My best friend got me some for my birthday and I love it ;~; but I like to smell good anyway so...
  7. At least for the holidays orz. I'm not sure how long I'm staying active here this time around. Probably until I get bored again, who knows???

    Oooh, talking smack? Just kidding ~ Yeah, I wanted to drop by and see what's going on in RPG but I keep forgetting to. ;A;

    That idea is perfect. owo You know I'm joining all the rps you make so I'm in ~ Are you posting it here though? Or somewhere else?

    I bought the Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume instead though, because I've been wanting one since like last year and the newest version is already out so I had to get it. I might get Minajesty for my birthday instead. Idk but I waaaaant it.
  8. You sound like me. I get so bored so fast, omgosh it's terrible. I will be around just as long as I'm all tuckered out with roleplay.

    Talking allll the smack, what you gonna do 'bout it? We were actually talking about how you had us on your profile and how amazing you were and stuff.~

    I was gonna make a new board rp site, but I have this one yuri site that's booming right now so I dunno where I'm gonna rp it at OTL. I just really have this determination for it, so who knows what I will end up doing. If I get some staff on board, I will more than likely do that. I will let you know ;~; I already have a name for it, groups, etc ;~;

    How does the Katy Perry one smell? ;~; I was gonna try it out but never did, because I was too lazy to go back to the store and get it...or order it online cause I like to spritz my wrist before I buy <.<
  9. I SOUND OLD??? //screams in agony
    I feared this day would come. D:<
    No, but like my attention span is literally non existent and I know I can't last in a rp for more than a couple of days (weeks if I like it enough). It's a miracle I'm still hanging around MCL's forums, too. You know how much I can't stand most people there.

    I'M GONNA CRY ABOUT IT AND DROWN BOTH OF YOU OLDIES IN MY TEARS. ;A; Bahaha yeah well, you should feel honored. It takes a lot to make it on my profile (lol not really). Do you guys still even active like I never see you around. ;A;

    What yuri site?? >.> I want to see. Well wherever you post it at, I'm joining it ~ We can ship and stuff. owo

    It smells really sweet and fruity, but the fragrance is softer than the red one.
  10. Dude, my attention span is the same...I don't even think it's my attention span...it's commitment, I know it. I'm sure like "Mmmm..now I'm bored." I have to be really motivated, like really like the people, the diversity and have to keep it thriving. If people don't interact with me or show me they care, I leave so fast. LOL. It's kind of why I don't participate in MCL anymore, that and how I am not too pleased with how people over their act in their cliquish ways.

    OLD LADY! But we were like "Aww, we love her too!" No :3 we just pop on to lurk. Well Aurvea is actually doing a fanfiction based off of someone's plot? So that's as active as we get. That's right, I live through her activeness. I'm never around though..like I got on during Halloween just to dress my avatar, because..a living doll--that's right up my f--king alley, man.

    Yes >.> Um..I don't know if I can link things...but here we would love to see you around. The people are pretty friendly and it's active with lots of folks to plot with. Though some are odd...really odd. You've been warned.~

    You're so sweet, cause you like...like my ideas all the time. LOL. It's gonna be awesome and it's all because of Nicki and Bey and this picture here. Gah, I might wind up trying it out now >.< I love fruity scents..
  11. You guys are such weenies~

    Uni is the best c: I have been summoned and now I'm here! Hello!

    My attention span is so bad, but only in group RPs. I don't want to read all those posts, especially when I get behind. It just saps all my motivation. All of it. D; And MCL is so bad. I posted a fanfic there, and there are just so many little groups that run everything. It's the same over in the RP section. I know my writing isn't that bad >.> Geeze. But I won't let it deter me! But that's where I'm active! Otherwise I just collect my AP points and make outfits. Like a cool guy.

    I wish I was more into Yuri. I'd give it a go, but I think I'll just stink at it D; But I'll stalk your site! And participate in the ships. Everyone will be like "Who is this weirdo who comments on everything and never posts?" Aurvea! That's who c: The best ever.
  12. *bows* greetings new friend! I am Hollow *smiles* if you wish to rp or simply be friends just send me a message! Enjoy.
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  13. *Bows kindly and hands a red rose* Hey there. I am Tokiya Ichinose, and it is a pleasure to meet you. *smiles* Welcome to Iwaku. I hope you enjoy your stay.
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  14. @Old lady Neri
    Cliquish ways pfff. I try to keep my ooc threads diverse and open to anyone as much as possible but I get sucked into my conversations with friends that I sometimes forget about those who aren't necessarily "part" of the group or whatever. >.> But no one notices me in MCL unless I talk to them first so, it's understandable.
    It's currently kind of slow, though. Probably because of the holiday???

    My love doesn't come cheap. >.> I hardly ever lurk the ff section of the forums anymore because the rules are too uptight and almost everyone there is a snob. OH. SPEAKING OF THAT, the Christmas boutique is open~ I went wild and bought nearly the entire store. Woo. Now I only have about $80 left. D:<

    I've never done yuri before. I mean, I kind of have a yuri ship with a friend but we never really got to play them so I'm still kind of clueless. I checked the site out, though. It's so pretty and organized. //Pats site owo I'll be sure to drop by sometime and stalk people. < 3

    You always come up with good ideas for a rp. That's not fair. ;A; Don't forget to let me know if you ever get around to posting it.

    @Aloe Vera
    Yesss. It worked. My summoning was a success. \( * 0 * )/

    I always try to be one of the first to post in IC threads because that way I can easily avoid having to read long posts and only respond to the ones that approached my babes. But everyone is quick to pounce on the IC once it's up like???? can you please slow down omfg I can't keep up with you people. >: You posted a fanfic? I didn't know. I'm barely even in there. What is it about?

  15. Guys...my head is throbbing. I've been around family and blow dryers and food all day ;~;..

    Pff. Now we banish you. Just kidding, stay! Pull up a chair, have a glass of wine with me.~ Omgosh, I can see you playing yuri..you would be so bad good at it :3 I dunno, I just find it adorable, though sometimes I don't think I can call it "yuri" since most of the time my characters never make it that far. You should totally stalk and I'd give you mod powers in the chatbox and people will be sooo confused! It will be great :3

    Hi Hollow! I will send you a message soon, it's nice to meet you! Thanks for the warm welcome!

    @Tokiya Ichinose
    Hi there! Mind if I call you Toki ^.^? Thanks for the warm welcome, I hope to see you around!

    It's probably because of the holiday, most sites slow down then, or some liven up..I don't understand the dynamics anymore ;~; Wait, why did the Christmas Boutique remind you of snobs? xD but I am about to hop on over and check that out, because I have monies there and I wait for things like this to happen.

    Aww, thankies. I'm so glad you think it's pretty OTL I put a bit of time into it this go around! Um. No. You stalk me. not others D:<

    I don't know why I come up with good ideas...I always waste them ;~; but I will <3. It will probably be sometime next month or something~

  16. Go Right ahead. I don't mind. XP anyway when you want to chat, just hit me with a PM and let me know.
  17. Blow dryers and food. Such Random. Much Incongruous c: Wow.

    Also! You gave me a cookie~ My life is complete.


    I would be awful. I'd just have my girl sit in the corner not talking to anyone. And then start yelling when anyone approaches her, like a weirdo. She can't control the volume of her voice, don't mind her. Perfectly natural >.> Yess. Make me a mod in the chat box. I will abuse respect my powers and banish love everyone. It will be glorious~

    I'm watching the Christmas Story and it's the best. I bought a Christmas sweater that says "Fra-gee-lay" on it and will wear it forever. Because I can.


    I adopted a plot from Ephie. And I have no idea what's going on with it...just the bare bones. No love interests. Well no decided love interests, I'm thinking Lysander or Armin, but I could see Castiel...even though I hate him. Her plot was about four friends who discover a pirate's treasure and one friend gets an object that has a wish attached. I'm changing it up and making it darker. Now my OC gets the wish, but at the end of a month she will take the place of there person whose soul is in the locket. The object is a locket instead of a lamp. Probably should have said that earlier...but I digress! That's about all I have right now. I'm not sure if I want to add a way to have my OC escape the curse by adding a stipulation that if someone is willing to take her place, the curse will be broken and she can get the wish without having to sacrifice her soul...but I also kinda like being evil. So I dunno. But that section is really snobbish and unapproachable and it makes me not want to write any more of my fic...lools. The cliques are ridiculous.

    On a side note. The boutique is amazing and I am poor. But I have the wig and I love it so much <3 I had like 300 dollars because I spent all my money on the last boutique and then the make up kit OTL I can't deicide what to buy. I want it all.
  18. Welcome! And yass, I love Nicki. I have Pink Print, but I was pissed 'Lookin' Ass' isn't on the album. I lovee Lookin' Ass. Also, Flawless Remix and Only. :)
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  19. Welcome nerinea!

    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind?

    It's a pathological lie to deny that I'm nice
    And the truth hurts (ow)
    Wearin' a blue shirt the Best Buy for the price
    Figures, Six guys, this live and nice on the mic
    So don't dis us because we're fly,
    Until you try what it's like
    I'm liable to Slice at these emcee bastards
    Leaving their knees fractured
    Needing every piece of their teeth re-crafted
    So don't front, 'cause I see past it
    You're harmless like Wolverine's Adamantium claws
    When they're retracted

    -Tonedeff's verse, Cunninlynguists - 616 Rewind

    Feel free to send me a PM any time, if you want to RP!
  20. Welcome Cici! I am Knight. Hope you have fun here! :)