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  1. So... typing with the kindle is awkward 0_0 anyway, I normally go by Kat. I try to post as frequently as I can (I try my best). I'm on mweor (#159402) and have done other misc. rp thingies. I can adapt go things quick, but I need basics (character, setting, etc.) I am more of an anime person, but I do enjoy other good rps, especially fantasy. I can easily do hetalia. I have a Pennsylvania oc if anyone wants to make an offer XD man this sounds so business like. Too much for me. Sooo. I love vocaloid, imagine dragons, markiplier, vanoss, pewdiepie, hetalia, fma (did you know vic mignogna was born in Pennsylvania *0*) mekaku city actors/ kagerou project (i could do the English voice of ene XD), anime in general, and cats. My favorite color is purple too XD so I hope to be rping soon (=^ェ^=)

    And more pages I don't feel like sharing now XD

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  2. *Hiss*Pewdifan*Hiss*
    Hey hey! What's the site to be at?! Iwaku desu!
    Welcome! I have a DA and Wattpad I hardly use too! yay!!!
    Enjoy roleplaying here and junk!
  3. Hiiii Katrina! :D Welcome to US!
  4. I would like to roleplay Hetalia i have an Ireland oc. And i know your friend Cecilia grace mills
  5. Thanks guys XD and sure to the hetalia rp (=^ェ^=)
  6. shall i pm you"?
  7. Sure, but I may get it late. My kindle is acting up XD
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    [BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]Hello there. I am Hiroki Shoma. *smiles and waves* Welcome to Iwaku. Where [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)][BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]Insanity has no limits and takes many forms. *Gives a golden card with my name and Infomation written on it* Need a friend or just wanna rp, let me know.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
  9. *accepts card* thanks ^-^
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