Hello Worlddd. :O

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  1. Hallo <3
    Call me Toasty ;*

    Ive been Rping for years. Since I was twelve to be exact. I am now 19, 20 in three months. Oh boi! Haha.
    I like mature roleplays, but I mainly love the horror/ fantasy/ survival kinds.

    My availability is havoc sometimes. If I wont be available I will inform you, promise ;*
    Otherwise I will be availble most of the time.

    Although I may not be new to Roleplaying and new to Forum sites. I always roleplayed with my best friend in notebooks. Mmm. Old school<3 Har har.

    Anyways! Lets get our craniums creative juice spillinnnn'(:
  2. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I wish you a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  3. Hihi Toastie! :D Welcome to the community!
  4. Thank you thank you(: Oh! Do you have any roleplay that either of you would recommend?
  5. O.O Pardon my sentence structure, I built that wrong. Lol
  6. Just depends and what you're interested in. There are forums for specific types of RPing. If you poke around, you'll find people who love exactly what you enjoy as well. Personally, I'm an RPer who jumps into just about anything, so I look through all the categories to see what peeks my interest. :3
  7. Gaaaahhhh C: So funnn. I think I'll do some poking around nooow. Thank you :3
  8. You're welcome. Have fun! :3
  9. OH EM GEE~

    Toast tastes good with Jelly.

    Anyways, I stumbled upon this post thanks to a friend and wanna say welcome! I hope we can roleplay sometime in the future and hope you enjoy your stay here.
  10. Erh mah goshh. Yesh it does indeed. O.O now im hongryyy.
    Oh well thank you and I would very much enjoy roleplaying with all of youu and I do intend to embrace this site (:
  11. Eat... don't die yet. :ashamed:

    YES. EMBRACE. Embrace hard... Oh, send me a message if you wanna discuss roleplays or something.
  12. Mm. Thinking bout going to the store and gettin shom snaackss.
    Oh yes! *Embracing hard* =.=
    I would love to discuss such matters!
  13. Welcome to Iwaku TOASTIE ^.^
    Your name reminds me of those little oranges called cuties, no? Well it amuses me anyways to think you could toast oranges
    Anyways, poke around on the request threads for partners or group roleplays, oh and the random pictures that appear at the top of the sight that lead to roleplays are pretty interesting too sometimes if you want to pick sometime random.
  14. Thank you! ;*
    Oh yes, those are yummy. I ate some of those a couple of days ago. Har har. Yum yum~
    Oh¡ Thank you for mentioning that! Im deffinetly gunna do that. Thanks so much! :*
  15. Delicious oranges :3
    Also, you're welcome ^.^ I had a LOT of questions about it in the beginning and couldn't figure out where to find all the posts and information on Ilium was. SO why not share my knowledge
  16. Yes'm. (:
    Yesshhh. Why nott. I will deffinetly fill other newbies in as well.
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