Hello World!

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  1. Well as it is my first day on this site it would be best that I start with a greeting.

    Jealous is my name but that probably wasn't difficult to figure out. I am in my twenties, and have lots of years of experience in roleplaying. Although I do know that every site and community is a bit different - I hope to find that this place can be a sanctuary for me. A place where my imagination is allowed to be free and I can escape the mediocre expectations and responsibilities of life.

    As for roleplaying, I tend to stick to one-on-one roleplays as my schedule can be a bit hectic and I can only post a few times a day at most. And the fact that most of the ideas that pop into my head deals with two main characters and perhaps romance.... wait there is no perhaps, puppy love is probably always involved nowadays. I'm just a one trick pony. But I digress.

    It's been about ten years since I've attempted a group roleplay. However if a plot sparks my interest I'd love to give them a try again.

    One last thing. I've been playing Ace Attorney recently and Pearl Fey is just so freakin' adorable!
  2. Hallo there Jealous, welcome to the community! :D

    I'm just a jealous guy.