Hello World :)

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Hiiiii. I'm Jackie and obviously brand new to the site - but not to rping. I've been rping for about 5 years now and was looking for a fresh new place to join and then I found this place!! So yay!

Yeah. Ok I'm super awkward in my intro posts, but oh well. Hahaha. I blame it on the fact that I just don't know what else to say. :p

Hmm..Yup ok! hi everyone, it's nice to meet you....and now I'm off to go poke my nose around the site. :)
Don't worry, by that definition we're all awkward.

Welcome to Iwaku!
Haha! Touche I suppose!

Thanks for the welcome :)
Enjoy your stay here, Jackie. And don't hesitate to ask any questions. <3

We have lots of roleplays, discussions and writing challenges to entertain you. :3
Hah! I get to welcome a newbie again!

eh... >.> <.<

Oh right, WELCOME TO IWAKU! I'm Myrnodyn, one of the mods, I run the mature department, also known as the smutclub, for the rest I don't do an aweful lot, but don't tell that to one of the admins >.> If you need any help, ask me or any of the other staff (the people with the colored names) and we'll try to sort things out for you.

When you nose around the site, Be sure to visit the C-box, if chatting is your thing. It's usually a very friendly place to be, so don't let to general insanity of it intimidate you!

Now, I need to go before the rest of them get here...I'm sure they'll blame me for SOMEthing!

Myrn AWAY! *jumps out through the window*
Howdy ho new neighbor! >:D I might also interest you in the Roleplayer's Resume! A really handy way to let everyone know your preferences & style. And a good way to kidnap people to play with!
Thanks for the tip!! I've gone and posted my resume! :)

I like it here already...very welcoming.
Welcome Comrade. I'm your friendly neighborhood Eastern European that's into alchemy and other outdated things. As one of the Admins, feel free to contact me, I'm generally a nice person. :D
Welcome Jackie!! Interesting username I like it! I take it you play music?
I'm just a regular member :P But secretly I'm in control! Hahahaha! Keep that on the downlow though. ;)
Thank you!! :) I'm actually a ridiculous Broadway fanatic. Hahaha

I like your name though Tuxedo! Sailor moon is amazing! Have you seen the youtube parody?