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Felin Noir

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Hello everyone!!! My name is Felin Noir, AKA Black Cat, AKA Cat. Yeah, just call me Cat. Things will be a lot simpler that way. I'm not naturally a writer so this is a little new to me. Please be gentle. That doesn't mean I'm not interested in rps though so please feel free to approach me! Trust me, I need something to do with my time! Anyways, I'm more into fashion than I am writing. I like designing things. A lot. My friend gets a bit mad at me sometimes because I have a bad tendency of treating her kind of like a living doll. I can do her eye liner better than she can, so she has no right to complain though.

ANYWAYS. Feel free to talk to me. I'd REALLY like to make some new friends and get myself involved in something other than my designing.

Lots of Love~


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Well welcome to Iwaku I hope you find this place fun and you get involved


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Now go have fun!

Midnight Maiden

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Well, a warm welcome to Iwaku, and I hope you have good luck in your venture to make more friends and give writing a shot! ^^
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