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  1. I am Indhel9957, it's a user I use on a lot of things. If you have seen my username you've probably seen me. It's not a common one, haha.

    I am a female, and yes I am following the outline given! I don't really know how else to introduce myself...

    Currently I am 18 and going off to college soon!

    I am new to this site but I have RPed before and I am still continuing with those RPs, I just would like to broaden my horizons.

    I don't prefer group or one on one but I have found one on one to be much easier to maintain and show character growth.

    I enjoy inside because I am a severe introvert and have Social Anxiety Disorder so sometimes situations make me feel uncomfortable but only cause I want to impress or be good enough so don't hold it against me if at first my RP method seems a little safe and you're having to come up with most of the RP.

    The song tormenting my mind right now? That would have to be Amen by Halestorm. I love that song haha.
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  2. Welcome to the site Indhel9957. That is an interesting user name indeed. Any reason behind it?

    Also what are you taking at college?
    I am sorry to hear about your social anxiety disorder. I am sure you are a fantastic person and you should never feel not good enough for anyone. The only person you need to please yourself.

    Oh, and I never heard of that song before. It certainly has a Southern Rock feel to it. :p
  3. My user actually is the name of my first protagonist in my first book I attempted... It was not a good book and never really got finished since I kept having to rewrite it until I eventually got new ideas and ditched that one.

    I am majoring in Creative Writing and Art! Just hoping I won't live with my parents or in a box for the rest of my life cause of it haha.
    And thank you, that's very sweet of you to say ^///^

    I love Halestorm. I found them through my friend who thought I'd like their snarky song, You Call Me A Bitch Like It's A Bad Thing [I know LONG title haha].
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  4. I think alot of people first things are learning experiences, so that makes sense.

    I look for that song as well. ut anywho, welcome on the site and dropped me a line if you ever want to talk or anything.
  5. I will, thanks ^u^
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