Hello to everyone

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  1. Just one more person looking about since Roleplayer Guild has been 'closed for business' for some time. I recognize a few names here already, and look forward to getting to know even more - and I do appreciate places like Iwakuroleplay that have taken us all in quite happily.

    And though I didn't use the template for the newbie intro, the song that's been rattling about my head most all day is "Now is the Time" by 10 Years. ;)
  2. I Alec2adia, is also from the roleplayerguild which is closed down for business so I join this guild for I can at least rp without getting annoyed of the roleplayerguild being closed down for the time being, anyways I'm Eageni and I will love to get to know yo better for the time being and welcome to the world of Iwaku. Lets have friend and become great friends on this site.
  3. Hey, fellow RPG refugees! Welcome to Iwaku where you'll meet awesome people and even more awesome RPs! We've also got a group for the likes of us RPG refugees here if you'd like to join. Enjoy your stay, and have fun RPing :D
  4. Ello, folks. Hope that you find us friendly enough. :3 If you need anything at all, feel free to hit me up, I'm not particularly one of the more active members, but I try.
  5. Hi there refugee! :D Welcome to the community!