Hello, tis F0X's first day here.

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  1. So here it goes! Just coming to say hi and explore this site. I have been actively roleplaying for about 6 years now, and I truly enjoy the hobby. Its currently the best way I can explore my creativity, flesh out characters, and create fascinating tales with friends. So please, I'd love to chat with you and get to know you, and perhaps start our own glorious roleplay!! I updated my Resume, however for my previous works I have some code written on some of the samples, so sorry if that is somewhat confusing or makes it hard to read. Once I figure out how to edit it I plan to do so.

    None the less, looking forward to meeting you guys!! <3
  2. *bows* welcome to the madness, and welcome it *laughs and disappears into shadows* enjoy.
  3. Thank you, I am sure I shall.

  4. Welcome to iwaku fox. I hope you find this website amusing. This really is a great site. :P
  5. Thanks Riopop!! I am sure I will. I really do enjoy writing, so I am hoping I came to the right place :)
  6. Hey Fox! I'm new here too and-

    *Sees HollowEastWord's reply*

    uh oh not this again, luckily I came prepared,


    *army of chickens surrounds me*

    Is that a thing? Do ya'll do Skyrim references here?
  7. @Gustov of the Mountain , I sorta get your reference, I know RAAN MIR TAH is a Thune, but besides that I don't really know... But thanks for the hello, and I hope you find some great people to rp with as well!! =D
  8. @Gustov_of_the_Mountain Yeah, Skyrim references are acceptable here.

    Welcome To Iwaku! C-crap... I don't know what to add on this time....
    H-hope you h-have a good time h-here.

    Foxes make a noise that sounds like they use the "H" sound....

    Happy roleplaying.....

    And please, don't ever mention that song, ever.
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  9. @Ser K+ Thanks a ton!! So far I am liking the site a lot. I am sure I will find some plots to jump into in no time!!

    And don't be so nervous, I don't bite... Much. *winks playfully*
  10. Also, I think "that" song is fun, but it can get a bit... Annoying quickly. =P
  11. Howdy Fox, welcome to the site! :D
  12. @Diana Thank you so much!! And your words on Punctuation made me chuckle a bit. Well said, well said. :)
  13. Punctuation is what saves us from doing terrible things to horses. O_O
  14. Happy belated herro Fox :P

    Have fun on ze sight :P
  15. Thank you so much, I truly do appreciate it. :)
  16. Very good, very good...

    *Grins mischieviously*