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  1. Hello! :bouncy: I am a newly newcomer with the name of Sylvette Banebridge.

    I was affiliated with several roleplaying websites, so I am not new with the roleplaying styles. But this website, however, is something that I am stalking to get used to.

    I love to RP through threads and on inboxes, so if you wish to RP through messaging, then game on!

    Here is the link to my "Roleplaying Resume", a fancy thing to say- this is what I like and this is what I don't like!


    Hopefully, I will make some good roleplaying buddies along the way - and also create some great threads for those of the interested.

    So long, farewell, and adieu! :wave:
  2. Welcome to Iwaky, Sylvette!
  3. Hallo Sylvette, what a pretties name! Welcome to the community <3
  4. Welcome to Iwaku. I'm October nice to meet you!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku ^^

    Hope you find some great stories to partake in, and of course Enjoy your stay :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.