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  1. Hello I am BloodRaven, I am very new to RolePlaying but am very interested in it. Ian androgynous and prefer to go by male pronouns but if you wish to do female that's ok I guess. I am friendly and am looking to make many friends on here. Looking forward to meeting and getting to know you guys.
  2. A person randomly walks up to you. "Hello, and welcome to Iwaku!" He says as he gives you a slice of cake.
  3. Hello new friend! Please enjoy your time here! ^.^ Oh yeah and welcome!
  4. Hallo Blood Raven! ^o^ Welcome to the community!
  5. The Cake has arrived! Hehe
    Joking ^^
    Welcome, BloodRaven! I hope Iwaku serves you well!

  6. Welcome
  7. ~W-welcome to Iwaku~
  8. Hello. I am new as well. Nice to meet you.
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  9. Welcome to the site BloodRaven! Have a great time making awesome rps and awesome friends! :D