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  1. Hi I'm Koko! I'm so excited to finally find an active roleplay site. I have tried to find a few (originally started on a fan forum so trying to branch out has been difficult), but keep getting ditched in the middle of rps. I know nothing about most roleplay styles and prefer to stick to Fairy Tale/Realistic universes because that's where I feel comfortable creating dynamic characters. I'm looking to start right away so if you are looking for a new player let me know :)
  2. Hi koko welcome to iwaku I hope you have fun on this site. (I'm looking for new people for my rp the not so holy angels) :D
  3. What's it about? :)
  4. It's about humans who tried to overthrow God and now Angels and humans are at an all out war.
    If you would like to know more it tells every thing on the rp.
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  5. Koko! Hello and welcome to Iwakuroleplay!
    Enjoy your stay!
    And join many, many roleplays!
  6. Hi there Koko, welcome to the community!