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  1. i'm craziefuzi, but you can call me kita. i am a girl here new to the site, but i have rp'd before. i prefer a single partner in role plays but groups are always fun as long as you can get along. i really love horror and scary scary stuff and i'm usually the bad guy in most of my stories. i love complex stories with madness and such. and i hope to make a lot of friends. i have a deviantart that i use daily (here: http://craziefuzi.deviantart.com/ ) and i'll probably get my feel for this site eventually.
    i hope we can get along and roleplay together sometime
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  2. Howdy Kita! :D Welcome to the community!
  3. thankyou, i apreciate it
  4. Heya newbie welcome to Iwaku. Need a buddy give me a shout.
    Hope you don't mind insanity. blackstarsouleatergif_zps770b386d.gif
  5. insanity is my favorite thing

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  6. hello :)
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