Hello there.

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  1. My name is Akito Hashiriyu.
    Call me Akito.
    I'm not "new" to roleplaying, but I may not be skilled either.
    I need to pass time I guess.
    Pleasure to be here.
  2. Hiiii Akito! Welcome to the site!
  3. Pleasure to have you.

  4. It is a pleasure I do believe. Thank you.
  5. welcome, i hope you enjoy yourself here & have fun. if you wanna rp sometime you can either ask or shoot me a pm.
  6. Thank you. I'll consider it.
  7. you're quite welcome. *bows abit*
  8. *smirks and bows with you* you have a lovely scent to you *kisses your cheek*
  9. Whispers in the dark corner of the room as I pet my Oversized Tiger's fur..~

    Welcome to the Madness, enjoy your stay. Fu fu fu..
    And stay alive as much possible without getting lost!;)

    * floats around now in midair on the back of my Tiger*^^
  10. *looks over the a voice in a corner and tilts head in slight confusion*
    If I get lost at all I'm sure it's by your doing.
  11. Hey there, welcome! I can relate when it comes to not being too skilled at RPing, although it's good to strive for betterment!
  12. Welcome to Iwaku hope you have a pleasant time here and make alot of friends.
    *hugs* hope we can RP sometime
  13. *blush* thank you, you're quite kind.