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  1. My name is Haru. I am new to the site but not role-playing :D
    I'm looking for an active site to settle down so hopefully I've come to the right place.
    I'm a random person and can talk about almost anything as long as it doesn't get boring lol.
    I usually do 1x1 rp but also open to group rp (very rare though) but still ... I will pretty much do anything rp - related. I'm not picky! Please check rp resume for details.

    Well... that's it for now :)

    Nice to meet you all!
  2. Hello Haru! Welcome to the site! Though I am a newbie myself as well, haha! Do you like anime? Your pic suggests so, so I hope you do! I lobe anime! Especially Fairy Tail! It's like super awesome! Anyways, drop me a message and maybe we can roleplay!
  3. @Cyberpunke :

    Hello! How are you?
    I'd say I am crazy about anime lol so yes I do love anime. I like Fairy Tail as well (especially Natsu haha).
    It's getting late here so I gotta go, but I'll surely PM you tomorrow for a roleplay or we can just talk :D

    Oh... and it was nice talking to you!
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  4. Welcome to the other side of the Fence..:)

    Be aware of the flying marshmallows, and yes.. Do Not feed the Bunnies ._.
  5. Heya, welcome to the site. Hope you'll have fun Rp'ing here.

    Fairy Tail is pretty nifty, but I have to admit I like the manga a lot better than the anime now. What's your take on FT2014?
  6. @Kestrel:

    Thanks! I only watch the 1st episode of FT2014. I tend to wait for the rest to come out then watch them all together. I don't like when it gets to climax and then you have to wait for the next episode, yup something like that XD How about you?
  7. I like to follow series or anime, gives me a little routine and to look forward to every week.

    I really don't like the new studio. FT always was a shounen with the encompassing clichés, but now they added more and worse stills and the pacing is just awful. Bit like the filler is now the main story. Animation and direction are mediocre as a result.
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  8. Greetings Haru, welcome to the community! :D
  9. Thank you Diana! :D
  10. hello there welcome to iwaku! Hope you are having lots of fun and hope you make a lot of friends.
    if you ever wanna RP just hit me up :3
  11. yay I'm happy hope to hear from you soon <3
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