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  1. My name is Haru. I am new to the site but not role-playing :D
    I'm looking for an active site to settle down so hopefully I've come to the right place.
    I'm a random person and can talk about almost anything as long as it doesn't get boring lol.
    I usually do 1x1 rp but also open to group rp (very rare though) but still ... I will pretty much do anything rp - related. I'm not picky! Please check rp resume for details.

    Well... that's it for now :)

    Nice to meet you all!
  2. Hello Haru! Welcome to the site! Though I am a newbie myself as well, haha! Do you like anime? Your pic suggests so, so I hope you do! I lobe anime! Especially Fairy Tail! It's like super awesome! Anyways, drop me a message and maybe we can roleplay!
  3. @Cyberpunke :

    Hello! How are you?
    I'd say I am crazy about anime lol so yes I do love anime. I like Fairy Tail as well (especially Natsu haha).
    It's getting late here so I gotta go, but I'll surely PM you tomorrow for a roleplay or we can just talk :D

    Oh... and it was nice talking to you!
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  4. Welcome to the other side of the Fence..:)

    Be aware of the flying marshmallows, and yes.. Do Not feed the Bunnies ._.
  5. Heya, welcome to the site. Hope you'll have fun Rp'ing here.

    Fairy Tail is pretty nifty, but I have to admit I like the manga a lot better than the anime now. What's your take on FT2014?
  6. @Kestrel:

    Thanks! I only watch the 1st episode of FT2014. I tend to wait for the rest to come out then watch them all together. I don't like when it gets to climax and then you have to wait for the next episode, yup something like that XD How about you?
  7. I like to follow series or anime, gives me a little routine and to look forward to every week.

    I really don't like the new studio. FT always was a shounen with the encompassing clich├ęs, but now they added more and worse stills and the pacing is just awful. Bit like the filler is now the main story. Animation and direction are mediocre as a result.
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  8. Greetings Haru, welcome to the community! :D
  9. Thank you Diana! :D
  10. hello there welcome to iwaku! Hope you are having lots of fun and hope you make a lot of friends.
    if you ever wanna RP just hit me up :3
  11. yay I'm happy hope to hear from you soon <3
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