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  1. Hi~ The name's Rune, but I'll welcome any nickname within reason. I live on the east coast of the United States, and as such, I love going to the beach. I enjoy reading, watching anime and reading manga, hanging out with friends, and roleplaying.

    I've been roleplaying for a few years now; the first site I ever tried had groups with different settings and characters made to fit that setting. I've only recently gotten into forums, so if I do something wrong, please be patient! I've found that I'm a semi-literate rper, meaning I can mirror post pretty much everything except whole pages of text, and my grammar and spelling are usually up to par. Posting time, however is a different story. You will know for sure if I want to drop an rp or not, but my muse is a fickle thing. I might have enough free time, but in the end will post every few days or something similar.

    A very important thing to note, I will only roleplay yaoi. It can be set in any genre or time period, have any plot in the world (though I do enjoy darker things), but my character will be male and expect another male to come sweep him off his feet! As noted before, I like dark plots, but I also prefer that some sort of genuine feelings eventually form. A master x slave turned affectionate master x pet is a perfect example. Not to say that I don't enjoy the occasional fluffy pairing or romantic character. I also prefer to keep my charas as the submissive/uke/catcher, though I try not to use labels like that.

    *takes deep breath* Okay! Now that I'm done ranting, don't be afraid to ask questions! ^^; I like chatting over characters or plots, or even just answering more about myself, so go ahead and pm me! I'll try to get a thread up in interest checks, but I have some plots ready now, so if you're looking, pm me or post here or whatever and I'll tell you about what I have up my sleeves or listen to what you're looking for~
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Rune! I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for! The people around here are great, and I've recently found that m/m is kinda popular around here! Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the greeting~ I can't wait to start roleplaying here, so I suppose I'll see what types of partners I can reel in. ^^
  4. Greetings! Can I be the second to say welcome?
  5. @wildpelt. Lol, sure, and thanks~

    @LogicfromLogic. Thank you for the greeting and all the help! And my username, I figured it was simple enough for me, but cool enough too. X3
  6. @Rune So what types of rps are you into?
  7. @wildpelt. I'm only comfortable doing yaoi rps, but the setting and plot can be anything. I tend to enjoy darker things, though, especially when it turns into a mature rp. ^^;
  8. @Rune how old are you? And I'll do gay rps
  9. @wildpelt. 17, and is there any sort of plot or pairing you want to do? I don't have anything specific in mind, so it's all up to you.
  10. @Rune go ahead and pick and we can make a mature thread.
  11. Hi there Rune! :D Welcome to the community!
  12. Hey Diana, and thank you~ XD