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  1. ABOUT
    Hi. I'm WesteriaVale. You can call me Wes, Vale, or WV. Or if you come up with a cooler nickname, call me that too. This is my first time on this site. However I am not new to RP'ing. I've been on two other sites. I've been RP'ing since I was about 14. A little under 8 years now. I'm a female (Gasp). I love RP'ing but I tend to be a little timid (not that you could tell because this is all just letters to you) so please be kind when I error. My old site was quite a bit different than this one. I hope I don't make a fool out of myself, but that'd be like wishing the sun wouldn't ever set. (Stupid and potentially dangerous)

    I prefer smaller roleplays. Which means I usually hang out in the one on one sections. This is because my time is limited and I don't want to slow anything down by not spending lots of time on the site writing. I like most genres: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Time-travel, Espionage, Horror, Paranormal, The -Punks (steampunk, cyberpunk, etc...). I don't mind romance in my stories as long as it's a secondary plot.

    Well, thanks for reading this. You'll probably see me stumbling out the site now. :)
  2. Heya Eria!

    My situation is quite like your own, though I didn't think of applying such helpful categories to my intro post. New to the site, plenty of previous experience, limited time to RP and a love of the -Punks, awesome! From the perusing I've been doing so far this does seem like a great place to express yourself.

    Let's hope that- as the sun scorches the landscape in its eternal hover without setting- so too does your presence here sear our hearts for years to come~ (but seriously, don't worry about messing up. Everyone does that some time!)
  3. Hey. What a prompt reply. I like it. And I like Eria too. I didn't think of that one. ^^

    As of this moment I have still of yet to venture out into the great wilderness of this site and lets hope it hasn't yet been ravaged by the unsetting sun.
  4. Howdy Westy! 8D Welcome to the community! I thin we're not ravaged yet? O_O
  5. Hello. Thanks for the welcome.

    And I'm glad there's no ravaging yet.
  6. Welcome to Iwaku West, I hope to see your writing soon. ^_^
  7. Thanks. So do I.
  8. Greetings! Are you up for rping a bit?
  9. I'll see if i'm interested!