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  1. Heyo everybody. My name is Tyler. I was told to come here against my will.... Nah just kidding. I was told to come here and check the place out. So that's exactly what i am doing. I'm here to kick ass and do roleplaying, and i'm all out of ass.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Tyler. I joined up just about a week ago, so I'm pretty new as well, but my best advice would be to just dive into the forums and do some roleplaying. Oh, and don't be a dick. That's pretty much the rule of thumb here.
    Anyway, I hope you like it here. c:
  3. *spares some ass* Dont worry... i have plenty :P
    Welcome to Iwaku and have a good time! there are plenty of rps that will kick thee booty~ just stop loosing yours, kay!
    If you have any questions you can go here http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/faq/ and they shall be answered
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  4. LOLOL, that was beautiful.
  5. beautiful is what i do! c;
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  6. XD Thanks everyone for the welcomes. I hope to start roleplaying with everyone soon. Feel free to check out a thread I made in the jump in section.