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  1. Hey there... I joined yesterday, It's nice to meet all of you ^^ I love to rp, and chat, and chat rp too! i am sort of a simple guy, I live in texas (Not tellin where!), I like to eat a lot... although for some reason I can't gain any weight for the life of me... i blame it on a high metabolism, I like to read, and just chill out. This place is pretty cool so far ^^ and... that''s about it... I hope I make alot of friends here... bye guys!

  2. Welcome!
    If you haven't already you should go read the Roleplay 101 and the Community 101!
    Seriously helpful : RP 101 C 101
  3. Welcome!! I hope you have a lot of fun here.. I only joined about a week ago and I love it here.

    Have fun. Maybe we will run across each other again sometime.
  4. Ah, it's a pleasure to see such a wonderful person with so many similarities! Meaning that I'm in Texas, under 150lbs despite my age, and I love to read! Hope we can start up a roleplay sometime in the near future!
  5. Thanks Butterfly and I hope we do!

    and I would love to start up an rp Gumi!
  6. Hiya, welcome, and all that. I'm only recently getting back into RPing myself. Heh
    Also, as for similarities, I'm ridiculously thin myself. No matter what I eat, I never gain any weight...