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  1. Hello there everyone. My name is SUSTIC as you can obviously tell. I am an avid Role-Player. I enjoy all sorts of different RP's. Romance, horror, adventure, scifi, and many other types of genres. I have been a role-player for a good few years now. I have been apart of 1 other Role-Play site, but it shut down sadly, and then I moved on to a gaming forum that had a role play section, but there were mostly Pokemon RolePlay's (which are getting annoying.) So I have searched and searched for a new Role-Play site for a while now, and I have finally stumbled upon IWaku. I now hope to meet a lot of new people here, and make new friends.
  2. Howdy! :D I hope Iwaku has a good variety of genres for you to browse through! Welcome to the community, Sustic!
  3. I came to Iwaku from a dying forum as well.

    Glad you've joined! Let us know if you need anything