Hello there.

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  1. Hello. Again.
    I'm Melancholist04, or my username, that is. I am from the Philippines, currently a 7th Grader and a weird person. I mean, I guess everyone has a weird side, but... Yeah, nevermind.

    I'm a bookworm, gamer, Anime fan, Vocaloid fan, Artist-of-some-kind, writer and Wikiwalker.

    Well, I can't seem to process a good introduction, so, it is nice to meet fellow Roleplayers.

    Until then, Tally-ho!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! Where I wak u =D lol anyways hope to see you around.
  3. Hello there! Welcome to Iwaku where all the strange and weird is welcomed with open arms. If you need help with anything, feel free to ask. We don't bite...and stay away from Diana. She's a walking germ <_<
  4. Haha, thanks. Whacking isn't much fun, though. O - O||

    Well then, thanks for not biting me (I have a theory that I'm a vampire, though).
    And may I ask who Diana is? o_O
  5. Diana happens to be one of our forum's administrative triumvirate!

    Mabuhay! Welcome to Iwaku.

    I hope you enjoy your stay here. If you need any questions, just ask. And don't worry about the timezone differences. Most of Iwaku is on GMT -6:00, a whole heck of a lot of hours away from you there in the Philippines. BUT! We do have a number of Filipino members, and people are active the whole day round.

    I'm one of the Filipino members, but I currently live in Canada.
  6. Diana is one of the admins and she's sick... I'm using up all my lysol cans on her ;~;!!!
  7. Nice, another member of Philippine kind. :D Mabuhay to you too!
    Well, thanks for the tips. I'll just be sticking around~

    O - O Oh, well, that's kinda funny... In its own, twisted way. Do you mind me asking: Are you talking about being literally sick?
  8. Nice to meet you Melancho. Weird is good in my book. Normal people are scary however....>.> Anyways I am new as well so I'm getting used to the settings on here. *smacks sig for being far too small* I have yet to figure out how to enlarge this pitiful thing. Dx
  9. Yes. I think she has the cold or the flu <_< >_> It involves boogers and must stay away from me!
  10. Nice to meet you too. Well, I'm glad that your book agrees with weird. And yes, normal people are scary indeed. They are just too... normal. XD
    Well, I hope you get used here faster than moi, I'm still not sure with what RP I'm joining in. T ^ T
    Your siggy? Well, maybe the original picture is just that small, try enlarging it. Nice image by the way. ^ w ^

    Oh. I wish her a "Get Well Soon." Well technically, you can't get sickness or something from the Internet... Except maybe, for a virus. (This is way too complicated.)
  11. Aww it's nice to see younger roleplayers! ;_; I was an avid roleplayer in 7th grade. (I'm 20 now and not quite as avid as I used to be. D: Gotta fix that) But anyway welcome!! I just joined tonight. While I'm in EST -5, I have a very weird sleep schedule as a result of a sleep disorder which renders me biologically nocturnal XD So we'll probably be on similar times!

    Ooh do you have any art to show? I'm an art major at a local college, but will hopefully be transferring to an arts university for my 2nd year of college to pursue a degree in illustration. :3

    What kind of RP do you like? I'm a huge fan of modern day contemporary things. Like...realistic things. XD I know a lot of people poopoo all over realism and think it's boring but I find it so much fun because humans are such fascinating creatures that I don't see the need for fantasy things :P I don't really enjoy school-based RPs too much though, unless it's college level or occasionally upperclassmen high school depending on circumstances.

    By the way, I'm Keagan! :'D
  12. You can never be to careful, my friend...Never to careful. O_______O
  13. Wow, it's also nice to see that even when you're in college, you can never be too old to do RPs. XD
    Well, I just like sketching. It'll be a quite some time before I get a tablet~ And as for the genre of RPs, I guess I could go with anything, except maybe too much mecha, adult rating and creepiness. - w - But my favorites would have to be slice-of-life ones.

    It was nice meeting you~

    Indeed, Cosmos-san. Indeed. ^ 3 ^