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Jeez, I really should stop joining these things.

~Ahem~ Anyways...

Hi! You can call me Bat. Or Maxine. Or Maxx. I've been called all three, despite none of them being my real name. Well, two of them are my common usernames, and the other is my pen name. Cookies if you can guess which is which.

So, about me... I'm 16, from good ol' Dagenham (that's in England, by the way. More specifically, on the outskirts of London). I've been roleplaying for nearly a year, and in that time, I've joined four other sites. So that makes this my fifth. I'm nearly always working on something writing related, be it roleplaying or the multitudes of books I've planned to write in the past. Currently, I have two books in the works, that I really do plan to finish. At some point. Hopefully.

My hobbies (other than roleplaying, duh) range from knitting to reading to coding. My ever bored brain needs something to keep itself occupied, after all, so it's good to switch up what I'm doing.

Multiple people have described me as many things, from amazing, to a total c***. But if I had to describe myself, I would say that I'm extremely awkward in real life situations, but somewhat laid back online.

I feel like this is dragging on for way too long. So I'm just gonna end it with the random fact that I have a pet hedgehog.

So, uh, I look forwards to hopefully having a great time here, and perhaps making a few new friends as well.


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I’m always online, more active around the evenings. My time zone is Mountain Standard Time.
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I can switch back and forth between passive and aggressive play style. I used to be really aggressive, but these days I'm really tired most the time or busy. I just don't have the energy to be as aggressive these days, so I like finding partners who I can lean on for creative input when I can't provide.
Favorite Genres
I don't have a favorite genre. I can role-play under any genre and I enjoy doing so. Though, I tend to stray more towards Fantasy, Modern, Scifi, Drama, Magical, Supernatural, and Romance (Yaoi/Hetero/Yuri).
Genre You DON'T Like
My least favorites are horror, historical, and western.


Er I mean. Welcome to iwaku!! I’m sure a staff member or community volunteer will be with you shortly but until then you’re stuck with me I guess. There’s lots to do here on iwaku and people to meet! If you have any questions feel free to ask me, or a staff member. (someone who obviously knows what they’re doing.)

The best place to ask questions is the help desk! I would provide a link but I’m on my phone which kind of makes this whole thing more of a hassle. You’ll see it though! It should be relatively close to the top of the main page. (i think.)

If you’re ready to dive into Roleplay check out our interest check and group planning forum thread. Lots of cool ideas are up and about. If you’re looking for a more intimate experience then one on one roleplays might be for you! We’ve got a thread for that somewhere on the main page too! (Not very helpful I know. I’m trying.)


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Hello and welcome, Bat!
You know what? I love how half of England's names sound like they could be plucked out and stuck to a random fantasy village without much eyeblinking. They don't name things like they used to :(

Come to think of it, a village named Village McVillageface would be hilarious. Anyway, don't be afraid to poke around and explore!


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Heh, out of all the places in England I actually know the name of, I think Buckinghamshire sounds the most like a fantasy village. Or perhaps even a fantasy kingdom. Either that, or Oxfordshire.

Anyways, thanks for the welcome!