Hello There.

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  1. We sometime wonder about another's web browser. I use Google Chrome.
    Melon + Brocoli = Meloncoly. The saddest vegfruitable on earth.
    Someday, unicorns shall rule the universe under my grasp.

    Yeah, these are titles I've considered to put instead of my plain 'Hello There.' but instead of making it awkward right at the beginning, I decided to abstain myself and spare you from my randomness.


    Now that I've made it awkward, I must present the one you shall know as 'Faelin' (No 'Fae' because I am not a fairy.) I am a unicorn - thus genderless and ageless and my favorites genres are... er... I can basically be attracted to anything as long it is interesting. I've been roleplaying for now two years. Also, I'm French. Not from from France though...

    Anyyway. Let's cut this and say a big ol' friendly 'HELLO COMMUNITY.'
    I've been stalking this site for a while now, so today I am finally giving it a try.
    Pleasured to be among you.
  2. Hello, Faelin and welcome to Iwaku! I'm Cicatrix, you can just pick a nickname for me if you'd like *bows in greeting*. It's very nice to meet you! If you have any questions, just let me know. Oh and watch out for the plot bunnies that hop about this community: they're quite vicious and some of them are rabid.
  3. Ya some in the community might very well sacrifice newbies to the plot bunnies so watch out. Anyways. Hey I'm Hunter and its nice to meet you Faelin. You seem like a cool enough du-unicorn, Hope you love the community! Hope to see you around!
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum. You seem very creative. I hope we can RP sometime!