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  1. Hello there, darlings! My name is Envious Doll. I am an avid roleplayer who tends to obsess and bite off more than she can chew. I am female and I do lit to semi lit roleplays. My age is 22 years old and I live in the United States.

    Hmm, more about me then? I am interesting in Avengers. I absolutely love playing as Loki. I have a hard crush on Alternate Universe Roleplays. My current fandoms are:

    Stoki/American Mischief (Steve/Loki)
    Frosthawk (Hawkeye/Loki)
    Frostiron (Tony/Loki)
    Thorki (Thor/Loki)

    That's pretty much it. HELLO DARLINGS!
  2. Hello, Envious, and welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Hello, Envious, and welcome to Iwaku.
    I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you.
    I hope that you have an enjoyable time looking around and checking everything out.
    If you've questions, community hub is a great place to go looking for answers, as is the button on the toolbar near the top of the screen labeled "Community 101".
    If you still have questions after that, don't be afraid to ask~
    Have fun!
  4. Hello, and welcome to Iwaku!
    I like the Avengers, but I'm not as big a fan compared to most. :)
    Have fun! :D
  5. Hello,
    you scare me.
    That is saying something.
  6. Don't worry about Lit here! Everyone is!

    Welcome to Iwaku!


    Here's a nice Avenger's Gif for you!
    Woo for Thor!​