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  1. "You may call me Luriesse Bione.. That would be pronounced.. Lew-ree-ess Bey-own. Otherwise, I may go by the name "Lulu," if that is easier for you. Here, I'll introduce to you my character."

    "I draw all of my avatar images; drawing is one of my usual activities. I may not be so imaginative to think of large plots on the spot, but I do spend most of my time creating characters. I'm admittably not much into any.. "mainstream" music, at least not the kind that speaks english. I am called an unusual, silent and reclusive character at times, but I imagine that is quite alright with everyone. I don't handle pressure well though, and when provoked.. well, I don't think many have a reason to do so anyways.. I am a cursed being, you see. I may explain the story some other time; only know that the curse effects my sight, therefore I am often found with a blindfold of sorts around my head. A strange action, though nessecary. Most would simply presume I was blind and think nothing of it. Nevertheless, enough speak of that.. Feel free to speak to me if you wish to become an aquaintance of sorts."

    "Salutations, Iwaku."
    Luriesse "Lulu" Bióne
  2. Very nice intro : )

    Welcome to Iwaku, Luriesse. I can see you'll fit in well here.
  3. Thank you very much, I appreciate that. ^^
  4. Ah, I wish I could draw my characters and settings... that would help a lot...

    Welcome, though I just joined myself, Luriesse!

    What type of rp are you into?