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  1. Hey there, I'm Pix(Or Pixel) and I'm craving a couple new roleplays. I have a little more free time than I thought and I'd be open to maybe three or four more depending:)

    I'm not entirely picky about grammar and spelling as long as you try and you don't type "Lyke dis". I'm also pretty varied when it comes to post length and usually go off of the person I'm replying to. If you reply to me with two paragraphs odds are I'll do the same. I hate one liners so if that's you... it's not gonna work out sorry.

    I'm up for any original plots and though I don't have any in mind at the moment I would be willing to talk about just about anything. I roleplay fandoms though I usually do doubles Canon and OC.

    Video Games
    Undertale :heart::heart:

    Tv Shows
    Vampire Dairies:heart:
    Supernatural :heart:
    Steven Universe:heart:
    Criminal Minds
    Lost Girl
    Switched at Birth :heart:


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  2. You still looking? I'd be interested in doing something Undertale with you. :P
  3. Of course^^ Just pm me and we can talk about it
  4. I'd love to do Vampire Diaries if your up for it =3
  5. I would be up for it!^^ Just PM me
  6. PM Is up.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.