Hello there xD



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Hello, I'm HeartOfTheDragon, call me Heart or Dragon.
I guess I'm an amateur/medium roleplayer. I've been roleplaying for about 6 months on RolePlayerGuild. I'm StormOfNight over there.
I like to roleplay elves, generally the fantasy genre but I'm always willing to try new plots. I prefer 1x1 roleplays, but group roleplays are okay. I like weapons, battles and magic. xD

So, that's about it. I'm happy to be here to roleplay.
Well hey there! :D Welcome to Iwaku! You know... we haven't had a really good roleplay plot centered on elves in a long time... Maybe we can bully someone in to running one. >:3
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Welcome to the site, Dragon, Glad to have you here. I like fantasy RP too, don't actually do it near as much as I'd like though. Hope you enjoy your time here, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
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No elves? Gasp. Bullying time xD

Thanks for the welcome guys.
Elanora likes elves a lot too! <3

It's nice to have you here, hope you have a lot of fun round the site :3 *presents Dragon with a cookie*
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*Happily eats cookie* Here, have some cake *Gives Elanora cake*

Elvsies, what's to hate?
Welcome to the site! I'm the resident chivalrous sort, at your service.
If you have questions about the site, don't hesitate to ask. C:
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Thank you.
I have got a question, does this site have a particular area for 1x1 RP's? Or do you simply mark your thread '1x1'?
Hello Dragon. I can actually answer that for you. Any RP can be designated a one on one RP if you just make it private. Typically people put [PRIVATE] in the name so people know not to mess with it. That's about it really. Good luck with your RP and don't forget to ask someone else for help :D

Welcome to Iwaku.
Thanks Butterfly, that's useful to know. :D

Thanks for the welcome.
Yup, just usually marked as Private!
Hopefully we'll be in an RP soon, Heart!
Okey-dokey, thanks xD
We are indeed. My little Mana is a little overawed by Aleron. I think it's the cold aura. :D
Welcome to the Iwaku!

Hmn.... Elves you say? I was thinking of shooting off an elven RP plot someday. After the summer anyway. If you wish to hear my ideas, I'll be happy to send you a pm. ^_^

Welcome again, and do enjoy your time here. :D

*tips hat*
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Thanks Loveless.

I did say Elves. :) Sure shoot those idea's over here, maybe we could come up with a plot together. Although you'd probably end up doing most of the work, I'm not all that good at thinking up ideas :D But quick-fire them over here by all means.

Thank you and I hope I will. In fact, I already am. xD
*Offers Cake*
Hello Dragon. Welcome to iwaku, I must admit I never was quite as fond of elves after reading eldest, but that really doesn't matter. Again welcome.
Hello Okami, oooh, we've both got Amaterasu avatars. I like that game :D
Ah Eldest, takes forever to get through. He could have chopped down about a third of it. Noo, Tokien does the best job. My Legolas, my handsome, pointy-eared Legolas. :D