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  1. Name: DeusExMachina (I love theater)

    Age: 18

    Preferred age of partner: None as long as you write well and follow the rules on here.

    Level of RPing: I match my partner here's a long example:

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    'Stupid, stupid, stupid!' Ferris dug his nails into his skin, why was he trying to apply Henii values to Master Madai? Had it been another master he would have gotten hit for his words, out of turn and unwanted and he had taken the chains perhaps he would have been beaten. This incident of miscommunication would need to be avoided in the future but Master Madai was correct in stating that compromise had to be made on both sides but few people knew the culture of Yand save for those who lived there and-oh. Master Marcellus was seeking a slave to educate Master Madai in the ways of Henar while he taught the other masters about Yandian culture so a compromise could be reached.

    Then Master Madai spoke of fighting and direct conflict and Ferris realized another thing, the Yandian didn’t fully understand the slave-trade of Henar. For Ferris had no master, no man who held the deed to his life, he worked for the government and any Henii who heard the title ‘adviser’ knew that. Granted that any free-born man was considered his better and thus a ‘master’. Ferris was not a serving boy to be bid about by any common man. He was in a way his own yet he was owned by more people than he could count. The advisers who ranked above him had direct control, those born free below him could disregard any orders he gave and give their own that would have to be obeyed. Had he a single master there would be no such ambiguity; he would belong to one man and take orders solely from him. Ferris was property of the Head of Peaceful Diplomacy, if he really had to pin it down, but was almost like his own man. From an outsider’s prospective it must have been rather confusing.

    His shackles were removed without much ado and Ferris watched as they were dropped at Master Marcellus’s feet. Then words were directed at him once more. He watched Master Madai turn to Master Marcellus and bit his tongue.
    “What the slave failed to say was that the slaves were bound as a show of good faith. A desire to meet in peace.” Master Marcellus explained, “He and all of the slaves you have been shown are all skilled diplomats. They are smart and would provide insight into our culture so as to help your mission of peace. A slave would be a tool to use.”

    As Master Marcellus spoke Ferris noted the guards relaxing, despite the Yandian’s grip on the hilt. Thinking on the subject Ferris wondered if he had to deal with many such outbursts. One in the wrong situation would prove deadly for Master Madai. His thoughts turned to the future negotiations as he waited for Master Marcellus to dismiss him; it was obvious he wasn’t going to be chosen by this strange foreigner. When Master Marcellus stopped speaking Ferris stepped in,
    “In answer to your previous question as to the honor of meeting you,” He began, shifting so that his shoulders were no longer hunched and his neck was mostly straight. Though he did not dare raise his eyes, “I am able to reply that, yes, it truly is an honor to meet you. It is always a joy to see the fruit of one’s labor.” With that he smiled and darted his eyes up to focus on the taller man’s, his gaze lingering for more than was socially acceptable before slowly turning down. This man was not Henii, he valued honesty and direct conflict. Ferris knew that if he wasn’t chosen a beating would most definitely be waiting for him, but not here. Here Master Marcellus would explain things and other slaves would be brought in while he was whipped for his insolence.

    And here's a shorter example

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    Ferris sighed and sat up, pushing Kylie back.
    "All right Kaden there's one thing you're gonna learn in this town and it's that everyone knows about John." Ferris looked out on the playground,"You've got a little sister right? Gran told me you had a couple of siblings." He gestured to the playing children, "She's gonna learn about John talking to the other kids and she'll start to see him too. 'Cause there's only one John. You might think that the kids are imitating one another or something but they're not, John is John. There are no duplicates, no copy-cats. Every kid tells the same exact story right down to the letter. It used to be that before they built a swimming pool in the town no kid under the age of 11 swam. Ever." Ferris paused to let that sink in.

    "According to my gran it's because of John. You see John doesn't like the lake, no one knows why. The kids won't tell, and those of us who supposedly saw him as kids don't remember him. Not a damn thing about him." Ferris grinned, "So my Papa, my grandpa, was a skeptic. One day when I was 7 he took me out to the lake without my gran knowing and when he tried to put me in the lake I screamed. I'm not talking some, 'oh no he's throwing a tantrum' scream. I mean a full-bodied 'Oh my god that kid is getting tortured' scream." Ferris shook his head.

    "Apparently when papa was able to get me to say something I kept repeating 'John says no'. He brought me back home and my gran shouted at him."

    "Hey you forgot the best part!"


    "You know, how that night you found bruises on your shoulder shaped like a hand like someone had been trying to pull you back."

    Ferris was positive that if his eyes had rolled any harder they would have flown from his skull. "I was a hyper-active 7 year old, those bruises were probably from something mundane."

    "Well I moved here when I was 13 so I never saw John but I was there when people started to really forget. I mean Ferris never talked about him but Mark just babbled and babbled about how cool John was and I was super jealous. Well one day Mark just stopped talking about him, like he just forgot him. It was eerie as fuck man. I kept asking him about it and he was all like 'I never said that. I didn't have an imaginary friend.' And everyone was like that!"

    "Oh come off it, not everyone was like that!"

    "Well you weren't but then again you were the one who told me that I was too old to see John. I remember when me, you, and Mark were camping out and at midnight you sat up, turned to me and said that just because I couldn't see John didn't mean he couldn't see me. Then you fell over and went back to bed." Kylie stretched out her feet in front of her. "So Kaden, me and Ferris have been talking this entire time. Why don't you tell us about Cali? Where did you come from? I've heard northern California is like Texas but with better wine."

    And if I'm given less I will write less. I must say I prefer longer posts, with more plot. I love reading novels.

    Gender: Female

    Preferred gender to play: Males mostly, though I like playing chicks sometimes.

    Preferred type of romance: If there is some I like homosexual, lesbian or gay. If you want hetero with me being the guy you have to bring an interesting character. This goes for all romance though our characters might not click, if they don't have chemistry I won't force it.

    Genres: Urban Fantasy, general Fantasy, & Science Fiction

    Likes: World-building, Politics, Funny plots, serious plots, UNIQUE plots,


    Political plot (open)
    In a world similar to our own the world is split up into small city-states that make alliances to form countries. Each city-state is ruled by a Council, a group of people who are supposed to represent the entire city. I say 'supposed to' because the Council votes members into itself and over the centuries families have taken over the Council and now new members are almost singularly from these families. This is not to say that there is not new blood that gets introduced to the Council, it is just very difficult.

    Into the world of high-class society and political schemes 'Sam' is born. Sam is their father's only heir and is being groomed for a place on the council. Still rather young Sam is inexperienced in the actual act of running anything but is very prominent in the social sphere of the Council.

    "Taylor" is the exact opposite. Born poor and a nobody Taylor worked their way up from the very bottom of society in order to become the secretary of a prominent member of the Council (Sam's Uncle/Aunt), Taylor is being considered for a seat on the Council due to their skills.

    Everything is going well in their lives until Sam's father gets murdered in their locked house. Sam is one of the prime suspects. However Taylor is also a suspect, their past and their ambition causing rumors to start.

    Sam thinks Taylor murdered their father.

    Taylor is trying to find proof that Sam murdered xer father so that they will be a hero.

    Turns out both of them are wrong.

    In a twist they stumble into a larger, darker plot behind the Council and it might take all of their skills to get out.

    Fantasy (open)

    Magic was once powerful. Or at least that's what people said. The heir to the throne had never met a magician who could do anything more than parlor tricks. For over a century anyone with strong magic ended up in the courts of nobles to entertain. Entertaining the masses can be a fruitful job.

    The heir to the throne has seen countless magicians, their father only gets the best to perform. Word is spreading of a new magician, a young thing who performs tricks unheard of. Of course the king manages to hire this elusive person, bringing them to entertain the court. They are everything that the rumors said and more, the heir is intrigued.

    One day while watching the magician on their time off the heir sees something truly magic. Not the silly parlor tricks but real life magic. Determined to put this magic to good use the heir goes to the oldest parts of the library, built before their family took the throne, and looks for texts on magic. They find exactly what they’re looking for, a book full of advanced magic.

    From there they go to the magician and try to persuade them to learn the magic, possibly for their own gain possibly for the benefit of the country this is a little up for debate.

    We don’t want to hide. (open)

    Supernatural creatures have always been with us, hiding in plain sight as fellow humans. This has worked since the dawning of time, however with more security and footage it is becoming difficult to hide. The newest generation of creatures who have grown up with technology grow restless with the endless caution. They see the equality movements of the humans and they start to form a plan.

    As a great man once said, “We are angry all the time, what we need to do is focus that anger into something good.” And that is exactly what they do.

    They leave their homes and begin to make videos about what they really are, posting what they can do and how they just want to live. The ensuing media shit-storm is enough to cause havoc in the human world.

    Supernatural creatures in less progressive countries flee, not wanting the attention on them and humankind is faced with a question.

    “Can something that is not human have the same rights as a human?”
  2. this sounds intresing I'm in!
  3. Great! What plot interests you, or do you want to make one up together? I see you like star-crossed lovers, that's always a fun cliche to play.
  4. I have an idea for star crossed lovers actualy but I'm open for suggestions too
  5. Pm me and we can talk more about it!
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