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  1. My name is DarkStarLove.
    I am new to the site here at Iwaku but not to roleplaying. I have been roleplaying since 2006. I thoroughly enjoy roleplaying and I miss my old RP site, which died unfornately. I have been searching for a forum that will soothe my soul and enrich my mind. Is this the site for me?
  2. I hope this is and welcome
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  3. Thank you and I hope it is too. I really need a good RP that people respond to, and enjoy. I am used to everyone enjoying the RP and not leaving it after a few days of boredom.
  4. Hallo there Dark Star! :D Welcome to the site!
  5. Hello Diana, and Razilin. Nice to meet you both!
  6. Welcome to Iwaku Dark star, it's a pleasure to have you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.